Wednesday, June 21, 2006

World cup stuff

Well, sharing a staff room with a bunch of football fanatics is really bad most of the time. But it's OK when the team I support are playing - England, that is.

So I've been half watching the world cup. Sometimes on a TV on a filing cabinet at work, sometimes at home - as was the case with the England Sweden match last night.

However, the most addictive part for me so far has been the BBC World Cup Daq share trading game - especially as we have a mini league of work colleagues.
This game is the same as CelebDaq, which you may have heard of, and one I got bored with a long time ago. Though instead of celebrities it's now football teams.

The game itself isn't that good - it's the ability to create a mini league and compete with your friends and colleagues that makes it fun.

Enough for now - I need to go and sell some shares before the price drops !!


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