Sunday, August 06, 2006

At last - he wins a race.

Just for the benefit of my one reader who just happens not to have a TV...

What a brilliant GP race today. Not only that but Jenson Button won.
The first British GP winner for over 3 years.

And he did it on merit, not because others dropped out.

Yes Schumaker and Alonso has penalties and so started far down the grid, but Jenson had a 10 place penalty as well (his engine blew up in practice)

He passed Schumaker, and was catching Alonso and would probably have passed him as well. Kimi was about to be passed by Pedro when he went out, and Jenson beat Pedro.

So he didn't just win because the others guys weren't in it.

It was such a good race (and result!) that I'm off to watch it again on the highlights !!!

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Blogger Wulf said...

GP race? Why are doctors racing in the first place. I've clearly been missing out on all sorts of developments by not having a telly!


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