Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Transform Work UK

I met the guys from Transform Work UK at Spring Harvest, and I've just been looking at their website.

I think anyone who is a Christian and in work (which is a huge proportion!) should have a good look, and maybe join up and get the forums buzzing.

The vast majority of Christians aren't called to evangelism, or missionary work, or having a Christmas number one, but are called to witness through their ordinary lives and the people they interact with daily - and that is mostly in the work place.

It's good to see an organisation aimed at us 'ordinary folk'!

The following are blatantly lifted from their website, but I'm sure they won't mind!

Our vision has been to create a single point of contact to inspire Christians to transform their places of work for God's Kingdom. Our aim is to see the UK workplace transformed, locally and nationally, by every Christian living out their faith in effective workplace ministry, leading to transformation over time in the nation’s culture, values and spiritual environment.



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