Sunday, January 07, 2007

Look no wires...

Well, I've brought the church laptop home to do some admin and configuration to it. This time though, I also have a WiFi dongle plugged into my home PC, so I'm now sat in my living room watching Top Gear and typing my blog !!

Unfortunately, this doesn't mean that I have anything more interesting to say than normal - just that I am typing some rubbish instead of not typing anything at all!

Although one thing of note for this evening does cheer me up a little. I was talking earlier with some of the teenagers from church and several of them are about to take the first parts of their AS exams. Now I've left FE teaching I am not in the stressful panic of the previous two years, worrying over whether my Computing students will get pathetic results in their exams, and whether they'll blame me for their lack of knowledge (actually, they all blame the teacher anyway)

I really don't miss the stress of FE teaching at all.

Maybe more on that subject tomorrow.


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