Friday, May 09, 2008

Lost contact details...

For various reasons, I have lost quite a lot of contact details for people, so if you think this may apply to you, you may want to call or email me to keep in touch.

The short version is that all my phone contacts were lost. I retrieved a lot of phone numbers from my old phone that was still lying around at home, but these numbers are about a year old so may now be incorrect.
Also as I've been using my phone extensively for email, I have also lost a lot of email addresses.

If you've emailed me on my personal or addresses, or through the Worship Released site I should still have your email online - otherwise there is a good chance it went with my phone contacts!

I think I have most people covered one way or another, but I thought I'd mention this in case someone out there was waiting for a call.
(I also lost my to do list and main calendar, so I don't know if anyone is waiting!)



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