Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ububtu or Vista

Well, I'm currently using XP Pro at work, but now I have a (fairly) new laptop to use.

I thought I'd take the opportunity to see how Ubuntu and Vista compare when all else is equal - ie same machine, same task etc.

The story so far....

Vista installed really easy from the CD whilst I watched TV. I skipped the licence key (it's in a draw at work, so I'll do that later).
Vista appears to have picked up all the hardware etc, and I connected on to my WiFi straight away. Windows then started updating itself automatically. So far so good. I haven't risked SP1 yet, as I've been told there are issues with this type of laptop - so that can wait until I do some research.

With Ubuntu I decided to go with the 32bit version (just to be safe - I'm after an easy ride to start with) and I had 8.04 on a CD - so in that went, and all installed easily and setup the laptop for dual boot. The only issue being that I couldn't manage to connect to my WiFi.
Is this giving the lead to Vista? Well only slightly. As soon as I plugged a wired network connection into the laptop I was online, and shortly after I was downloading updates (automatically). Then I notice a pop up message about drivers and realised it was offering to install new drivers for the WiFi, along with an explanation that these were proprietary drivers, not open source, and so weren't included with the distro. Fair enough - especially as a couple of key clicks later I was online wireless.

So all square so far.

Also I think I should mention that this is biased in some ways. I really want to end up showing that Ubuntu is a usable system and a viable alternative to XP/Vista for normal use.
However, Vista is likely to be favoured for simplicity simply because of my previous experience. Whilst I'm a relative noob on Linux having played on and off for years but still at user level, I have umpteen years proper experience of Microsoft software - in fact MCP MCSA MCSE MCT - and that makes Vista well within my comfort zone.

More as I progress...

Tim.C currently booted into Ubuntu

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