Friday, June 27, 2008

My first go Geocaching!

We found one Yippee!
Now walking back to the minibus.

Edit on return home:

I'm not on this photo - I was taking it !!

It is (from Left to Right) Oli, Jamie, Jason.D and Jason.W

We were on a "What shall we do different next week" trip out from the church youth club. Though most of the yoof were busy elsewhere (just dodging the rain, I reckon), so only the 5 of us.

GeoCaching is the modern equivalent of LetterBoxing, but using GPS as well as clues!!

The web page about it is here


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Blogger Wulf said...

Sounds like fun. What were you using as your GPS unit?

Blogger Tim.C said...

I was using GPS for fun - a bluetooth GPS with my mobile running Google Maps. Great for satellite pictures but useless for find anything away from road.

For the real Geocaching Jason had his PDA running Memory Map - basically an annotated OS map with a big 'you are here' dot!

Next time I'm going to try my old Garmin V - naff reception but great at finding things by location or grid square.

I'm also going to try and hunt down some free software for WM6 to try, but the phone is much less convenient and it hammers the battery.


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