Friday, August 17, 2007

Another 'quick post'

I must get around to making 5 minutes occasionally to post here properly.

At the moment it's late at night and I just logged on to check my email and a couple of forums I moderate - I should really be asleep.

Anyway, I ended up joining another facebook group - this one is called coeliac's are people too.

I managed to refrain from commenting on the errors in the name (missing capital letter and extra apostrophe) as I'm not the kind of person to cause trouble by being so pedantic (is that cynical laughter I can here? - OK I am that kind of person)

Anyway, someone there called Caleigh was asking about coeliac related blogs and that she has one here

I blagged a link to my blog, even though anyone following it will be completely underwhelmed, so I thought I should mention the group here in return.

Hmmm....Blag your Blog - could this be the next craze ;-)

Anyway, I should be asleep - but I'm going to read more of the facebook group and Caleigh's blog first.


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Friday, August 10, 2007

Late night Spanish

Well, I have many things to blog about, but I haven't had the chance to sit and type.
Now that I've found a moment, it's because I'm recording a tape to a CD so it can be played in the car. Unfortunately this means I've got to sit and listen to the tape playing at normal speed into my PC - about 30 minutes to go !!

The tape in question is a Spanish for Beginners tape that my 6 year old wants to listen to on long car journeys, and my car only has CD. The next long journey is tomorrow, when my wife and kids go off to Skegness for the annual beach mission.

And so I discover what is possibly the only thing I miss from working in an FE college - the long summer holiday. My family is away for 2 weeks without me, as i have to work. Oh well !!

The question is, will I manage to use the 'free' time I'll have to do anything constructive?