Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Blogging on the morning train.

Well I've discovered that if I walk to the back of the train there is a much better chance of getting a seat. I had been assuming that this wasnt the case and that if the front of the train was full then the rest must be. However, it seems that the old lift button psychology is in play again. In this case it's people trying to be at the front of the queue to get out of the station on arrival. I was already aware of people pushing to get to the door long before the station is in sight - but didn't realize that they went as far as sqeezing into a packed front carriage just to get off quicker.
It's good for me though, as I don't mind walking an extra 50yards down the platform to allow me to sit for a 20 minute journey.

Anyway, we're nearly there now, and my battery is nearly flat. Lets not have another 'blogus interuptus' !



Thursday, February 22, 2007

"The usual Sir ?"

Well, I feel so SAD today.

As usual on a Wednesday (or Monday) when I'm working 9 'til 9, I nipped into McDonalds for one of my meals. This evening when I went in there wasn't too big a queue - I was behind 2 other people.

Anyway, one of the waitresses saw me in the queue and shouted across;
"Are you having your usual? I'll get them to start it now for you."

How sad is that?

It's not quite as bad as it seems though. As I have coeliac disease I can't eat anything with wheat, and that, of course, includes the bun on a burger. It's not really a surprise that after a few visits trying to persuade the staff that I really do want a 'quarter pounder' WITHOUT the bun, that they start to remember me.

I still think it's quite funny that now I have to be really careful what I eat, Mc Donalds is a safe fall back position where I know I'm OK with (some of) the food.
As they're such a large chain and they all do the food exactly the same it's much easier to be sure of what you're getting - whereas at the local pub etc you have to ask and check everything to find out what is used in the food and how it is cooked.

Anyway - now I've shared my days sadness, I'm off to bed.

(More pictures of cake and gluten free party food coming soon !)


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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The missing blog entry...

Below is the afore mention blog entry that never reached the light of day.

Firstly, the train arrived in the station mid-sentence. Of course, I never got chance to finish it off.
Also, I still have to physically connect my pda to my PC in order to drag the blog across - again not something that always has time to happen.

I must get that WiFi enabled pda fixed !!!!


ps I survived the throat grope earlier today - though it wasn't the high point of my day !!

"So lets see if I can blog on a train.

Well it's taken me 10 minutes to get the graffiti input system running again after I accidentally turned it off somehow.

Anyway, it's much smoother so the writing is much more accurate. The problem is, I rarely manage to get a seat.
On the bus I always got a seat and the journey was longer - so actually better for blogging even though much worse for traveling!

Otherwise it has just been a"

And there came the station ;-)


More blogging on a trian, and trip to hospital

Here we are again - blogging on a train.

Again ? What happened to other blog from a train ?

Well, the train arrived half way through a sentence and it never got finished and uploaded.

Anyway, it's lunch time and I'm on my way home from work. This isn't a good thing though, as I have an appointment at the hospital to have my insides pulled out through my throat!
Technically, it's a small intestine biopsy done by endoscopy - I think the previous description is more accurate, though.

This is part of the on going grief due to having Coeliac Disease

More later if I survive !

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Friday, February 09, 2007

Looks like snow...

Well here in Brum nothing is moving anywhere. Everything is gridlocked with people stuck in the ice and snow. Luckily I haven't set off yet, so I'm sat in a nice warm office. I think the trains are still running, so I should be able to get within a couple of miles of my house. Then I can decide whether to walk or drive the last bit.

Hopefully, the rush hour madness will start to subside so that it's only me against the snow, rather than battling with other drivers !!!

In the mean time I'm having a look at Flixster which I discovered from Wulf's Blog

Now I'm just off to McD's as i don't see much other chance to get food for a while !!


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