Saturday, November 15, 2008

Vista and Ubuntu

Interestingly, Ubuntu has jumped into the lead in a way I didn't expect. These systems are installed on a laptop with that horrible invention, the track pad to control the mouse - how I hate those things. Suprisingly, it was Ubuntu that installed a driver that would also work to scroll the page when you run your finger along the edge - Vista, although installing a working driver, didn't enable the scroll feature.
This means that at work I've had to plug in a USB mouse to be able to cope.

I would normally expected this to be the other way around!

Unfortunately, I haven't yet found a setting in either OS that will stop it taking a tap as a click, so I'm forever accidentally highlighting or dragging or opening things I didn't want to. Give me a track point anyday - they're the ones with the nipple in the middle of the keyboard, and I find these much easier to use.

There still isn't enough between them for either to come out in front.......but watch this space.



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