Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Blogging on the Bus

So lets see what happens then. I'm trying what I've previously threatened to do - "blogging on the bus".
I experimented a little on the way into work this morning and soon discovered that it's too difficult to hit keys on a tiny screen keyboard when on a bouncy bus. I then tried the handwriting recognition - a little unfair really, as I couldn't read it myself!
I'm now writing this with trusty old graffiti that I learnt on my Palm III. This is doing really well with most of the mistakes being mine from not remembering the best way to do all the letters!

The next problem, though, comes from the software. I didn't want to use pocket word as I'm going to cut & paste it into blogger anyway,but I've just realised that 'notes' doesn't have a spell checker.

Still, at least I'm writing something, even if it is rubbish!

The irony is, with the bus prices going up again over Christmas, it is now virtually the price on the bus as it is to drive and pay to park, and driving could be quite lot quicker.
My next post will probably be on my experiments at driving to work!

I wonder if voice recognition is good enough yet to allow me to dictate my blog whilst driving.

Oh what fun the future holds!

Tim.C on the 138



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