Thursday, January 25, 2007

Blogging on the Bus - part 2

Well tonight I'm using Pocket Word so at least I'll have a spell checker - though I don't think that it will help much!

Well, not much to say today. It was a good day right up until I just missed a bus and had to wait 20 minutes in the freezing cold. Looks like it will be half past seven when I get home again tonight.

Interestingly, I've just discovered that when the bus stops in traffic I can write really quite quickly & accurately and look out of the window at the same time. This graffiti thing is coming back to me.
I always liked the concept of graffiti - that it's easier for a human to adjust and learn a new system than it is for software to learn to read normal writing. It certainly seems to work that way for me anyway.

On a side note, anyone hoping for more pictures of cake - there will be some soon. I've found the prints of the famous bass guitar cake, a hopefully there will be another delicious gluten free cake at the weekend - as it's my birthday.

More soon


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Blogger craig said...

Hey Tim. John told us it was your birthday Saturday. So we got you a card anyway.


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