Thursday, February 22, 2007

"The usual Sir ?"

Well, I feel so SAD today.

As usual on a Wednesday (or Monday) when I'm working 9 'til 9, I nipped into McDonalds for one of my meals. This evening when I went in there wasn't too big a queue - I was behind 2 other people.

Anyway, one of the waitresses saw me in the queue and shouted across;
"Are you having your usual? I'll get them to start it now for you."

How sad is that?

It's not quite as bad as it seems though. As I have coeliac disease I can't eat anything with wheat, and that, of course, includes the bun on a burger. It's not really a surprise that after a few visits trying to persuade the staff that I really do want a 'quarter pounder' WITHOUT the bun, that they start to remember me.

I still think it's quite funny that now I have to be really careful what I eat, Mc Donalds is a safe fall back position where I know I'm OK with (some of) the food.
As they're such a large chain and they all do the food exactly the same it's much easier to be sure of what you're getting - whereas at the local pub etc you have to ask and check everything to find out what is used in the food and how it is cooked.

Anyway - now I've shared my days sadness, I'm off to bed.

(More pictures of cake and gluten free party food coming soon !)


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