Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Blogging on the morning train.

Well I've discovered that if I walk to the back of the train there is a much better chance of getting a seat. I had been assuming that this wasnt the case and that if the front of the train was full then the rest must be. However, it seems that the old lift button psychology is in play again. In this case it's people trying to be at the front of the queue to get out of the station on arrival. I was already aware of people pushing to get to the door long before the station is in sight - but didn't realize that they went as far as sqeezing into a packed front carriage just to get off quicker.
It's good for me though, as I don't mind walking an extra 50yards down the platform to allow me to sit for a 20 minute journey.

Anyway, we're nearly there now, and my battery is nearly flat. Lets not have another 'blogus interuptus' !




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