Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What's been happening?

Well, it has been a while with a big gap in posts - what has been going on ?

The main things that I was going to post on were all to do with gluten free food.
Well my son had a completely GF birthday party a while ago - pictures of food to follow soon - and I went on a course in London.

This London trip was my first big challenge for eating GF since being diagnosed with coeliac disease. Previously I'd been able to 'skip a meal' or to 'just manage', but this was four days and I needed to try and eat properly.

Breakfast wasn't a big problem as the place I stayed had a serve yourself buffet style 'full English'. I'm not particularly sensitive to gluten, so I was Ok with just sticking to the eggs and bacon - I know other people are so sensitive that, for example, if the bacon is cooked on the same grill as the sausages, it would be enough to cause a reaction - I was fine though.
Lunch was more interesting - a standard buffet of sandwiches and sausage rolls etc. However, they knew I was coming and had a jacket potato for me. This seemed easiest so I let them do that each day.
Unfortunately, the evening meal was more difficult, and I resorted to my emergency fall back position of McDonalds ("burger no bun") most nights.
I was very disappointed, though, when I went out with my friend Wulf. We tried many places to find food, starting at a Chinese - usually a good place - but they insisted that everything they served had flour in it. Another place simply replied "no, sorry" when asked about gluten free food - despite things like gammon steak on the menu, which is usually ok. I got the impression that these places were just giving the easy answer, instead of really caring - few even checked, which is also odd as I normally have to explain all about gluten.
We did find one place in this area around Leicester Square - a Wetherspoons - that labeled GF food on its menu. Unfortunately, it was very full and we couldn't get in.
In the end we resorted to McDonalds again, upsetting Wulf so much he wrote about it in his blog! (I'm sure he'll add a link when he reads this).

Anyway, enough for now - it's taken me two train journeys to write this much!


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Wulf's Blog post



Blogger Wulf said...

Yep - that's the link. As I mentioned in my post, that evening was an extremely poor result for London as a safe place to eat for all its visitors.

Blogger Unknown said...

Hi, next time you're in London you should check out the Mermaid's Tail in Leicester Square, gluten free fish and chips! It's fantastic. Also gluten free Italian called Cotto near Westminster Bridge i think and a risotto place (very GF friendly) on Goodge St, I think it might be called Ooze(?)


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