Monday, June 18, 2007

Facebook - yet more social networking !

Well, I've given in to another one! I've signed up to Facebook as I was getting so many invitations off friends.

I have to wonder though, how long will this one last? There always seems to be a new thing to sign up for, and all the people that invited me - I already know them online through other sites and forums. In a similar way I'm signed up for at least 4 instant messaging services. I joined ICQ a long time ago, then MSN (as everyone joined there), Yahoo (a couple of friends only use that one) and lastely Gmail/Googlemail as I use their email system as well. I seem to spend more time signing up than actually communicating with anyone - I do that by email.

Anyway, one final point before the train arrives at Snow Hill...

Facebook appears to have an insecure login page. It doesn't use SSL to encrypt your details. The trick I'm using to get around this is to use a random wrong username, and then, strangely, the failed login page DOES use SSL!
I'll have a look to see what the login page actually sends insecure, and whether they've secured it some otherway - but that will have to wait for when I'm sat at a real PC again.

Have fun,


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