Sunday, July 15, 2007

Broken blog

Well actually it's not the blog that's broken, it's my broadband connection.

It's all a bit weird - one modem says it can't connect as there is no dsl, the says all is fine, but still won't let me onto the internet. And at the same time the NIC in the PC has broken - thoigh I'm beginning to doubt even that fact - it's all very strange.

Hopefully soon I'll get chance to sort it all out. Until then it will be blog through whatever method I can manage - so likely to be short and (even more) infrequent!



Blogger Wulf said...

You can't post much less often ;-)

Hope you get your broadband / computer woes sorted out. Any chance it could be the provider? I've had a couple of glitchy periods when my ISP has been installing new gear or reaching the limits of their existing stuff.


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